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Our Building

Our building’s enclosed atrium is a main focal point of Pioneer Academy. It works as the building’s epicenter connecting the main entrance, cafeteria, auditorium, playground and gymnasium with the rest of the building. It is beautifully decorated with a two-story mosaic-tile mural consisting of over 500,000 colorful glass and ceramic tiles.

Our building’s auditorium is equipped with a fully functional state of the art sound and lighting system. It is regularly used to host student performances as well as community events such as parent workshops and district meetings.
 Lobby MuralThe vibrant life of the city is celebrated in this dynamic mixed-media installation that engages the architecture of the lobby of our building. A 16 foot wide cantilevered red metal boat, a 3D Tim Burtonesque 21 foot tall pink building and 500,000 glass and ceramic tiles energize this theatrical 24 foot x 80 foot wall installation. Five architectural niches invite students and/or visitors to become part of the artwork.
Scholars in Cafeteria
Our building’s cafeteria is a bright, inviting place where students are able to enjoy both breakfast and lunch daily. Artist Deborah Samson in the theme of recycling, community, and multiculturalism has painted the windows in order to help promote these values within our scholars.

Our building’s gymnasium serves as a large open space in which scholars are able to participate in an all-immersive physical education program. Here scholars are able to learn the importance of basic exercise, sports fundamentals, and the importance of teamwork.

Our building’s classrooms are warm inviting spaces where scholars feel welcomed and encouraged to learn. Teachers incorporate the use of various resources such as charts, word walls, grouping, Smartboards and computers in order to engage, motivate, and inspire our scholars to become life-long learners.