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Pajama Day 2023!

Pioneer Academy scholars and staff celebrated Pajama Day with cozy PJs and their favorite stuffed animals. Check out the pictures!
Kindergarten pj day

Redeem You Mets Tickets

Time is running out to redeem the Mets tickets your children have earned from the You Gotta Read Program. Please use the attached link to find videos in both English and Spanish to help you navigate how to redeem your tickets vouchers.
Mets, You Gotta Read!

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Our Mission Statement

Pioneer Academy is a diverse community of scholars, families, staff and community members dedicated to the academic achievement and personal development of scholars. We will ensure that each scholar in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, is empowered and inspired to reach his or her full potential. Scholars are challenged to question, anticipate and solve problems, assume personal responsibilities and emerge as enthusiastic life-long learners and independent thinkers motivated by the pursuit of academic excellence and social responsibility to our local, national and global community.
Pioneer Academy es una comunidad diversa de estudiantes, familias, personal y miembros de la communidad dedicados al logro academico y desarrollo personal de los estudiantes. Nos aseguraremos de que cada estudiante en los grados K a 5, tenga la factultad e inspiracion para alcanzar su mejor potencial. Los estudiantes son retados a cuestionar, anticipar y resolver problemas, asumir responsibilidades personales y emerger enthusiasmadamente com aprendices de por vida y pensadores independientes motivados por las búsqueda dela excelencia académica y responsabilidad social de nuestra comunidad local, nacional y mundial.