Dr. Jackson's Remote Learning, Principal's Message for the Week of April 6th

Principal Message
April 6, 2020

Happy Monday Pioneer Academy Families!

Welcome to Week 3 of Remote Learning! This continues to be a very challenging time for individuals and families globally. While many of us are feeling uncertain, we have every confidence that we’ll rise to the challenges this crisis presents and come out stronger and more knowledgeable than we were before.

As you already know, all of spring recess is cancelled.  This is not what we have come to expect nor is it ideal for many of us. However, we are not in ideal times. The one thing that this pandemic has shown and requires of us, is that we must expect and respond to the unexpected; that we must all do our individual part, and make individual sacrifices for the collective good. Throughout history, we have been called upon to make sacrifices for the “common good,” and this time is no different. Let’s take this opportunity to think about and take pride in our ability to do our part in containing COVID-19 for the “common good”. 

As we continue with high levels of engagement and collaboration, we are asking you to complete the NYC School Survey. As you know, the primary goal of this survey is to collect and understand our families’ opinions, perspectives, attitudes, and perceptions towards the school, our scholars, and education in general, in order to improve the learning environment. Please access this link NYC School Survey to complete the survey by April 8, 2020. The survey is available in multiple languages; and you will need your child’s name, date of birth and name of the school, Pioneer Academy, 24Q307. Thank you to all the families who have completed the survey. If you have already completed the survey, you do not need to complete the survey again.

Additionally, please be reminded that:

  • scholars’ attendance must be taken every day to comply with NYC and NYS attendance mandates; and so that they can get credit for their work;
  • scholars must try to complete all assigned tasks independently, so that the teachers have accurate data to more effectively support them;
  • you can continue to reach out to your child’s teacher and other staff for support;
  • you can use your child’s NYCDOE ID, which is found on their report card, to apply for an NYCDOE device. You can call 718-935-5100 or complete a survey at https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices; and
  • teachers are available from 8:10 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.; and will respond within 24 hours.

As we go into Week 3 of remote learning, our families’ engagement and support continues to be of utmost importance to us.  Let’s use our successes to drive us and stay motivated. We’ve seen a greater increase in families supporting families; and many teachers have reported that more scholars are attending live lessons and Town Hall meetings, and are more engaged in remote learning; 837 of 866 scholars are now connected to Google Classroom, which gets us closer to our goal of 100% connected to Google Classroom. What we, our families and our scholars are currently experiencing is unprecedented. We deeply appreciate your continued diligence, commitment, perseverance, support and collaboration.


Dr. Cecilia Jackson, Principal